Thursday, February 24, 2005

~ gorpy's pick of ~
(tan tan tan, gotta have theme music )

the newest mp3: Yes! Found it, finally (and obviously, Huma ki wajah se)!
Presenting King of Self, laydees and germs, home-cooked in Peshawar by messrs. Zeeshan and Sajid :D Punchy, funky, angrezi gaana, wot!

who am i? : Go look at Kay's blog! It's his pic-strip called 'Raw Life' (in 'links i hit'), some good photographs and funky taglines. Mina gives five stars (out of five, nach).

Here Lies Cheesoo: Funny, insightful, incisive; orange and white. This offbeat, intelligent journal is quite worth a looky. No stars only because I won't quantify cheesoo's charm :)

Black Sheep: Mina gives six stars. Some of the best writing I've read on a blog, even if it does come from a wannabe economist ;) Lutf aagaya. Crisp and emotive, pokerface's blog is a delight.

(apologies to people whose permission-to-link has not been acquired yet but hey, I love your stuff :D )

Mina at 9:58 AM