Saturday, February 12, 2005

'asli, how come i've never seen you with your hair open? it's so pretty.'

she turns her clear green eyes up at me- i'm much taller than her- and chuckles.

'too much hassle! i will, sometime.'


'asli, open your hair!'

she doesn't look up from the piece of paper she is writing on, grimace-smiling at it in recognition of the demand. she reaches a pale lemon-sweatered arm up and pulls at her high ponytail. her thick, shiny, red-purple hair tumbles down, framing her milky, beautiful skin. the afternoon pours in through the windows, light glowing from behind the big bulletin boards behind her. she is a vision, haloed in a soft glow. i stand back and smile- this is how i will always remember asli savuran, who couldn't stop dancing, who was self-appointed people-counter for our buses, asli with her slightly husky, sudden laugh and small-person grace. asli, fellow figure-outer of techno hors d'oeuvres (and no plates) and overall sparky, spunky, bouncy little scrap of a punk girl :)

Mina at 7:33 PM