Monday, January 24, 2005

sometimes other people's work makes me feel....glutinous. not molasses, molasses is sweet and sticky and beautifully woody-coloured. molasses is licky. glutinous is not. it's cornstarch and overcooked rice, wibbly-wobbly translucent goo that coagulates on top of the lentil soup when you refrigerate it. you read it and your eyeballs suddenly feel solid and the air thickens like white sauce sitting in the pan too long. terribly presumptuous of me, of course, to say something as uncomplimentary as likening people's personal offerings to tri-bonded carbohydrates when i hold pretensions of being able to have words dance at my fingertips myself and thus construct sentences of a length that would turn henry james quite the exact shade of springtime foliage but hey, at half past one a.m, you can do just about anything you want. that, and also the fact that the slightly blurred internal mechanics of a mind at this hour generate the most wonderful kind of english, it's really quite entertaining to let the faucet run and see what comes out.

Mina at 1:59 AM