Wednesday, January 19, 2005

responses to the last instalment of the he-she daydream, as it were, have been interesting. y'all seem to think that i've written about an ideal scenario. perfection. really, it's only two people sitting on a sofa and doing their own thing. yes, they don't have to speak to fill the silence, they can be separate and yet part of a whole. but that isn't an elusive glass bubble on a shelf beyond your reach- at all.
it's a woman looking at a man, her man. your women will have, at one point or another, probably thought the things 'she' is thinking- so if you knew what was going on behind her eyes what would happen, would perfection suddenly become real? too bad knowing is more of intuition than actual words, and thus so easily missed. sometimes even words slide off, unabsorbed.
what i'm trying to put across is that those two down there, they aren't symbols of the remarkable. they are you and your lover, whenever you two are just hanging out- there is something magic already there. there is something magic in a look across a room, a tilt of a head towards a whispering mouth, two elbows on the same arm-rest. you already have your perfection or have had it at some point in your lives or another. when we see things from a distance we ooh and aah and let our hearts constrict in wistful longing and forget- the smugness of belonging will quite often blur the resonance of the music in your life.
what am i saying, really? i'm smiling wryly and reminding you to listen closer, look harder. perfection is not a unicorn in the forest of jewelled fruit. 'it's just the nearness of you', like the beautiful song by norah jones goes, that can mean a world. delight is in the details, in the atoms of the whole. in the turn of the wrist, the crease of a laugh line, in the sound of a voice. the big things are obvious as far as romance is concerned. they're wonderful, obviously. how can they not be? but when a head of wet hair moves you, that's a different kind of sweetness. perfection? you bet.

Mina at 5:04 PM