Saturday, January 01, 2005

Mina's New Year Hitlist

Work harder.
Pray more.
Try to trust people -and myself- more.
Wear my contacts more often.
Stop procrastinating and get published, dammit!
Wear high heels as much as possible.
Dance. Lots.
Finally finish 'The Far Pavilions'.
Try not to get caught up in 'fix-up fever'.
Get an eyebrow pierced.
Read Ovid. And the Iliad.
Wangle a motorcycle ride.
Stand straighter.
Work for a charity.
Drive more. Drive ALONE for distances farther than the market.
Sing at a LUMS concert.
Live in a cardboard box for a day.
Hone my Punjabi.
Learn to play Clarissa properly.
Say 'bollocks!' more often.
Be an RJ for once.

Mina at 1:15 PM