Monday, January 17, 2005

live music depresses me. i thought i was weird until amma said it did that to her too, and to nani (wa-hey, we're all weird!). the level of impact goes beyond happy-enjoyment and crosses into sad-enjoyment. we love it, love it to distraction, but it goes deeper than most folkses. if you see me with my head down on my knees at a concert, don't ask if i'm okay. i am, just in a strange way. i'm standing on a long, rolling moor scattered with dark brush....the sky is dark with clouds, heavy with imminent rain. the wind is whipping at my hair, my clothes.. but i'm not cold. it's sepia and grey, the picture, with muted purples and green, and the trees are thin, dark and tall on the edges of the frame. that's where i am; that's where i'm singing along, my heart brimming with a strange and wonderful, keening sorrow.

Mina at 9:21 AM