Sunday, January 30, 2005

List of Things Done Today That Will Probably Never Be Done Again

Run across the intersection of M.M Alam Road and Main Boulevard and not be hit by a car.

Lie down smack in the middle of Main Boulevard, right opposite Qasr-e-Noor. Twice.

Wave at four cameras in succession.

Be told “bhaag, cheeti, bhaag!”

Smile at a cool uncle who had only one arm as he jogged past.

Dip a finger in the suspicious, albeit cold, water of the fountain on Liberty Chowk.

Swing around one of the trees on a green belt in the middle of an otherwise busy road.

Run down said empty road with my siblings, cousins, parents, an aunt and an uncle, laughing all the way.

See that funny boy in full GC sporting regalia jumping up and down like a manic ant on its hind legs.

Almost play street football (with a water bottle) with skinny little boys I don’t know from Adam.

Yay! Next weekend, bring on the two-seater Cessna :D

Mina at 2:25 PM