Thursday, January 13, 2005

i think i'm going to be drastically ill, and throw up until i turn into a raisin and then i'll have to stay in bed and read my blasted henry james instead of milan kundera which i crave to and drink ORS. sigh. i know i'm going to be sick, no sane person can function like this. lunchless, sleepless, hopeless, luckless and everythinginbetweenless except for pretty underwear and toe socks. and green day's sofarsogood newest offering in the discman. and the beautiful sunsets aajkal, dammit i missed today's. i was going to sit on the roof and watch it but i went and drank chai instead. grumble. i feel green :S this always happens when i be supergirl for extended periods of time. but i went to the park today; during my period of staringintospaceduringanexam i decided i was going to lie under my tree today. and i did. hooray for me i say. if i were green i would technically then be a leaf, would i not? i wouldn't mind being a leaf on a tree for a day. hmm. i saw appendage-girl today too! hahaha most interesting, poor A looked like he wanted to run like a hairy cat whose fur was afire...khekhe...two consecutive american lit. classes, 've are all goinkto diyee'...i didn't go today, a quiz followed by an exam is quite enough finger-fry for a day. my writing bump's been flattened :P it used to be much bigger, i almost miss it. maybe it was all those pencils, and switching to ballpoint/fountain pen eased the pressure. poo. i still touch it to remember which side left it, it's an instinctive habit :) i miss my fountain pen, it's exactly like seamus heaney put it in 'digging'- "Between my finger and my thumb/The squat pen rests; snug as a gun.". it's a silver scheaffer, handed down from daddy and beautiful. quink ink only. never let other people use your fountain pen, they'll ruin the set of the nib, because everyone holds their pen differently. ballpoints are disgusting to write with, i hate them. i prefer pencils, only they smudge something awful. i'm reading up on the elgin marbles for applied ethics. omer came by in his characteristic quiet wafting-into-the-frame, laughed, and remarked 'so, the greek've lost their marbles?'. hehehe. puns crack me up. i have to go and meet the concept of canning folkses in a bit. probably a lost cause, and i will sit and nibble my mouth and listen to techie talk and not say anything because it's quite pointless, and proceed to be sidelined with the utmost kindliness. it isn't friday, i kept thinking it was for days and days. yay that it isn't. dear dear, i should have read more of isabel's adventures, would have got a nice chunk of it done too....she reminds me of me several times, to be quite honest, and really not pompous-shompous at all but she does. the point about the freedom of not having to be what everyone expects when you're far from the people who expect it came from the heart. ali and bhutta are probably 'home' by now. mehreen will come home in four or five months, yay. basant is next month and none of my friends will come 'cept for huma and p'raps saadxebandali. bloody night basant. i've hated all the ones i've been to, the building would quake every time someone walked too hard and i had to make small talk with some very uninteresting people, not to mention wear a big fat sweater and look like a curly-headed eskimo while other girls pranced about in high heels (for BASANT! even if it were a night one!) and floopy half-sleeved georgette nonsense...hmpf. it really gets my goat when girls pretend they're reptiles and don't feel a thing when i'm skinnier but probably look like the pillsbury dougboy crossed with a bandit, what with the shawl wrapped 'round. at least i'm warm, poo t'you. and there's never anyone whose jacket would be worth a wear anyway. i nearly slit my throat with dor the last time i was at some putrid night affair, which was very annoying/embarassing and hence doubly annoying because i never get stuck in dor. it's just too ignominous for a basant pro to be thus entagled, really just wrong. hahaha. hmm. time to meet the chappies, being punctual is supremely important. ta ta.

Mina at 6:26 PM