Friday, January 14, 2005

'i don't want to do this any more.'
'oh, come on na! it's easy, i promise.'
she glanced at him sidelong.
he grinned, looking down over the edge. they were so high up that it was windy, and the clouds were below them.
'of course i'm a liar, but i'm telling you it's going to work.'
she flexed her shoulders nervously.
'mhm, and if it doesn't?'
'well, then-'
he leapt back all of a sudden and gave her a walloping hard push. she shrieked something earsplitting and tumbled over the edge, arms flailing and hair flying. he laughed out loud at her terror. and then she floated right back up, flapping her wings with wryly affronted languidness.
'you're an asshole, you know that.'
he stretched his arms over his head and nodded, yawning.
she rolled her eyes and floated up and down, treading air.
'that's one thing- how're you going to get down?'
the thought struck him as he slowly brought his gaze to meet hers.
'oh, shit.'
then she laughed, and flew away.

Mina at 11:04 AM