Monday, January 24, 2005

having spent my entire day writing about or reading about greeks, i think t'would be grand to have mythology for a history. the hellenic ministry for culture's server is called odysseus, who was the coolest greek according to them. he's a mythological character, but he's greek, so he becomes real. meri nani ki nani ki nani athena thi. i wonder how societies with a strong myth tradition reconcile religion, myth, lineage and history. i descend from jason, who is for all intents and purposes a character in a story. but hello, he's there in that there frieze so he must have been real at some point or another- and wouldn't that be somethin'! gotta go back to athens, and look at the acropolis all lit up gold and yellow from the sidewalk outside the hotel with the crabby fat woman at the desk. roam the flea market again, and eat an apple from the crates tilted outside a little fresh produce shop, and get one of those strappy leather mineral water-bottle holders...haha...digression! but good times.

Mina at 10:27 PM