Wednesday, December 29, 2004

she's small, but thinks big. she doesn't pretend to be what she isn't. she scares easily, worries too much for sanity and is so ticklish that all you have to do is waggle a finger at her and she'll flinch and giggle. she laughs funny. she is afraid of lizards, but she'll kill cockroaches in a flash if you need to be rescued. she hates it if you touch her hair and she used to hate being hugged. now she does it all the time. she's hyper-critical and will never say what you want to hear, but she's a good listener. she cusses people out and then tells you not to. she sings in the shower sometimes and can't sleep without washing her feet. she will grumble for half an hour about stupid people with over-active imaginations who watch the exorcist thrice and then get scared at night every time, but will let you sleep in her bed anyway. she hates it if you jump onto her newly-made bed, but if you smooth the sheets back out it's okay. a good way to annoy her is to tell her you used her towel, or her brush. she loves aampapar and gogo paan masala and could eat potato chips her entire life. she's got the kind of hair that baby dolls do, silky and sweet-smelling and soft. it used to be really long. she's mean, but never has problems apologizing. she's opinionated and clueless and takes six months to read an agatha christie, but she never gives up. she likes to go through cupboards, pockets, suitcases, zippered compartments and the suchlike so she knows exactly where everything is, and any treasure she finds is hers. i always want her stuff. she's a lazy old cow but will cook for thirty-five people for your eighteenth surprise birthday. she likes watching that cheap-o SMS channel and For Love or Money and is not scared of big dogs. she doesn't necessarily prefer apple juice over orange, or vice versa. i think she'd go for the pineapple. she's pretty. makeup looks sexy on her. she only wears high heels when she feels like a diva, or abbu gets after her to enough. she's light enough to piggyback, but the backs of her knees are so tickly that you can't anyway. 'she's always hungray' ;)). she played with ali's action figures more than she played barbies with me, and was always the one who'd jump off the wall standing up (as opposed to sitting down and heaving yourself off). she lived in a cardboard box with me for an entire day and we didn't fight even once. she's good for adventures and does crazy dances in the living room. she used to cycle in the middle of the road, weaving back and forth so i could never overtake her- she likes doing sadist things like that. she still asks me what to wear, which i love. she won't let me wear her rainbow stripey toe-socks. she invents funny words and hooks people onto them. she loves it if you call her 'channa'. she's artistic and creative, and can see a cartoon character in everyone's face. she has long, straight fingers and the second toe on her foot is a little longer than her big toe. she knows what 'goopy la tu' is. whenever we play taboo on the same team we're unbeatable. she's good at checkers and always makes the clever, maddening three-way words in scrabble. she's tactful and protective and a big baby. she used to chew with her mouth open when she was five, and it was fascinating to watch her. it still is. she's like that, that funny little sister of mine.
happy birthday, sand :)

Mina at 9:23 AM