Thursday, December 16, 2004

on music

yay for huma, who burnt me the bestest CD for my birthday- it ranks right on the tail of fahd's twin-CD fantasticness and that is saying a lot :D 'the way you make me feel' (which is my favourite michael jackson song) to 'chutta kukkar banere te' (yeah baby! woo hoo!), this thing's got it all :D woo hoo i says!
*humming 'two princes'*

on litrachur

hopefully the variety books wallah wasn't BS-ing when he told me 'maps for lost lovers' was in the back room being sticky-labelled and would be available the next day....i want it! didn't go to watch sameer in action (sorry mehreen baby love;) ), sana and i were bone-tired. i've printed out most of my poetry, quite a bit of it there. i feel a little pleased at the bulk, although being super-critical child of my ancestors i don't like most of it.

on the masochist theory

gule and i were discussing her ph.d dissertation (mine being as yet vague). she holds that there is a strong masochist tendency in subconty people, particularly as far as relationships and love is concerned. ranjish hi sahi, dil hi dukhane keliye aa, the suchlike. i'm inclined to agree. my two cents: fatalism. none of us actually believe that the great good thing will happen. we'd like to, but i don't think anyone actually believes it.
more on this later, because it needs a more proper 'splanation in total, i'm going to the bazaar.

Mina at 11:17 AM