Saturday, December 11, 2004

on economics

i got me a C+, and i'm jubilant! some poor freshman went down the toilet, but then again- so did i when i was a poor freshie, welcome to the food chain of comparitive marking. issues in education is a pass/fail course, and such a fascination for LUMS. aisa bhi hota hai? only a pass or a fail? gasp! apparently at brown, that their standard grading: either you pass, or you fail. no A to D terrible-for-self-esteem business. although the high of an A+ is quite wonderful, i have to say. or a C+ ;)

on paan

in the average hindustani household, a paandaan is a must. it is a staple. you get a chaandi ka paandaan in your jahez. it's a given. amma, sadly enough, doesn't have one, largely because nobody in my house is partial enough to have to have a fully-stocked paandaan at home. i wonder if it would be viable to get a paandaan and stock it with meetha-paan ingredients, because i could have one of those all the time. nana's paandaan was great, he always let me eat his barri ilaichi. he had to give it up, i remember the day when there was no smoothed-with-age, pale yellow-silver paandaan on the side table. felt like something was terribly wrong, the space still has a paandaan shaped hole in the air above it.

on dancing

jerry is the best dancing partner i've had, ever. other than the woman at the salsa class; she was diminutive and wearing a black frilly peasant top made of stiff chiffon, black beads and dark red lipstick. she was leading, which made her much cooler than some very accomplished, albeit male dancing partners i had. dancing is the best fun! parties are too crowded and the music is mostly always terrible, but dancing with a handful of good friends in your drawing room with the carpet rolled back and the discman plugged into the stereo is brill-ee-yunt. *grin* gule and i have reached a consensus: a man who knows how to dance gets huge points.

on brand-new niece

maybe it's just babies, but the little one smells sweet. she smells like flowers and the softest skin and warm woolly wraps knitted years ago by nani. i try to inhale her exhalations- it's the purest breath any human breathes, i think. all of us are becoming expert tiny-person handlers, we swap her around from left-arm crooks to right-arm crooks and varied laps with increasingly practised ease. amma and shehla khala have gone baby-mad, much to the amusement of us four daughters.

on books

i'm getting books! present-books and present-to-myself books, and then books in-between because i've taken two literature courses this quarter, so plenty of words everywhere for the next three months. i'm in heaven. what a fantastic day. started out great, and ends just as wow-ly. yay for me :) Mashallah :)

Mina at 9:25 PM