Thursday, December 30, 2004

i've never been big on stuffed animals. i don't particularly love teddy bears and woolly weird animals, most of them have staring evil eyes and the most vacant expressions imaginable. the occasional little yellow beanie-dog and the battered goofy from disneyland (or the elmo that i'd like to have) is fine, but i don't understand how giant white, hairy teddies holding satin hearts are cute and huggy in any way, or why a roomful of stuffed cretins is desirable for some :S
how-everrrrr: today i got my first ever teddy bear, and a) i didn't buy it for me! and b) i love it!yay! he's purple and squishyyy and soft and is wearing a grey williams hoodie with little hood pullies too! his name is wendy squishy mugglestone and i like him very, very much- thaaaank you, wendykins :D

Mina at 7:29 PM