Thursday, December 16, 2004

Elf Heaven, by Mehreen Malik who is not Daughter-Of-My-Uncle but I will adopt anyhow ;)
(paranthesis mine. naturally.)

Bittle Fairy studlock schmuck,
Smittle smack boo-aming buck.
Four eyes and palt and sepper hair,
Solitico-pocio leaning there.

DUdly mudly downright cudly,
Goddess lobes behind the studgudly.
Waaing, stampeeding, chicken running comeyea,
Olivia's deadyea, comeover chumyea! (hahaha yay)

Beary hair never scaryfairy,
Flowing robes of drowning blackshking dairy.
Bittle fairy studlock smack,
Swoosh for bilal, he's in the back!

Mina at 11:08 AM