Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Dear God,

Thank you for my mother and father. Thank you for my sister and brother, and handmade cards at the stroke of midnight. Thank you for insanely punctual, off-key birthday singers from many oceans away, and equally kooky messages from similarly far women. Thank you for all the messages, actually, each and every one. Thank you for the 12 missed calls, and the calls that did get through. Thank you for the one call that finally did come. Thank you for the real cards and the e-cards and the flooding of the Orkut scrapbook. Thank you for all the blog mentions. Thank you for the CDs and windchimes, the goldfish and twenty-one balloons, all the other stuff, and Sharmeen in the driveway. Thank you for tiramisu with a lit cigarette to wish on, and random burstings-into-song in public. Thank you for filling my life to the brim with such beauty and wonder, and accept my apologies for sometimes not noticing it all. Yay for me, I haven't felt this lucky in a while :)

Mina at 10:01 AM