Saturday, November 27, 2004

Top Ten Reasons To Ban Food at Weddings, by Ayeda
(From the newest installation of The Friday Times..cracks me up one way or another hehe- the parantheses are mine, of course)

10. Eating is a pagan custom (shh! punjab main nahien kehte aisi cheezein :O)
9. Celebrating is a pagan custom
8. Not being miserable is a pagan custom (hehehe)
7. Khoobani ki chutney gives you gas
6. Palag gosht gets stuck in your teeth and wrecks wedding pictures ('palag'?)
5. Naans make you fat (they do not, cancel)
4. It is better to spend money on Land Cruisers than to feed your guests
3. Break cultural stereotypes such as desi hospitality
2. Part of a Zionist conspiracy to turn us all into Hindus (hahahahah)
1. Communal eating today will lead to orgies tomorrow

Mina at 3:05 AM