Saturday, November 27, 2004

there, i emailed akoo mamoo. fingers crossed. short stories are safe, the poetry is the one that makes me bite my nails. mentally.

i love being the only one awake. i love feeling like the only one to see me. my playlist is just right, my socks and my fingers are warm, quarter break has begun. i'm going to read, write, play guitar and hang with the homies for a good week or two.

pink grapefruit, mandarin and lime. pear and guava; cranberry, raspberry and elderflower. camomile and spearmint. lemon and ginger. i'd love to make my own herbal tea, move over twinings' gorgeous concoctions.

all at once am i/several stories high/knowing i'm on the street where you live :D too many musicals will be the end of me, i'll become increasingly quite beyond hope and then what'll become of me? *grin*

i've grown accustomed to her face....tra la la.....dr. javed iqbal says that mullahism is the 'static condition of the mind'. i think he's quite spot on, mullahism then being any form of stagnation, not just religious. change, my pets, is most usually a good thing. keeps things sparky and saves you from the crime of terrible dullness and being a cowardy-custard.

Mina at 3:35 AM