Wednesday, September 22, 2004

yesterday on my way to university, we took the back route (which would be through township and the very charmingly named 'qainchi', although there's nothing charming about it physically)....and in the span of twenty minutes, i counted NINETY-SEVEN donkeys. yup, that's right folks, and this is not counting the one dead and two i-think-i-imagined-after-the-eightieth-one donkeys. ninety-seven donkeys in twenty minutes, which makes an average of about five donkeys a minute. i began counting in the first place because for the past few days i've been noticing that there have been billions of donkeys on that route, and yesterday i decided to put it to empirical test. there's a lot to see when you take the back route; p'raps i will wax eloquent on it one of these blogs.

Mina at 8:25 AM