Thursday, September 16, 2004

it has just occurred to me that i have an economics quiz tomorrow and i don't quite know how convexity goes. good thing abhi khayal aagaya ('the thought occurred to me right now' for the people who don't speak urdu- imagine, there are some of those here too :D) otherwise t'would have been rather troublesome to have to leap out of bed at three a.m, hysterically ransack sana's desk for the textbook and blearily begin to read up on consumer preferences and the suchlike.

i'm going to england. i will mash this extremely huge statement in between paragraphs of a-day-in-the-life-of-mina to hide the ABSOLUTE FANTASTICNESS of it. this is a perfect world: people ask for you to fly over to newcastle for a week and show them the only thing you really want to do in life, and that this thing is something you're actually good at. i think the AAIIEEEE I'M SO EXCITED, YAY I'M DOING WHAT I NEED TO BE DOING element of this will escape, but you never know ;)

by the almost-end of literature of conflict i had an almost uncontrollable urge to rip my nameplate out of its wooden groove and smack my forehead with it. sometimes questioning authority for seventy minutes straight makes you want to start gnawing at your arm and shrieking arcane voodoo mumbo-jumbo. sometimes.

today i'm wearing my man-pants. i love them enough to have annexed them from ayesha's closet and guarded jealously from the clutches of sana-of-the-olive-pants-fetish. these are (olive) cotton cargoes with pockets made for putting your hands in and sauntering around. despite the fact that i rarely, if ever, saunter. but i can lounge against a wall and do a james dean sneer, if push comes to shove. a girl in man pants, i enjoy this in some way that i can't put my finger on yet. jaunty. yup, i'm jaunty today. if i were wearing a fedora, it'd be tilted. but i think you do that to fedoras anyway. must get me one of those.

Mina at 3:36 PM