Sunday, September 19, 2004


Approval is such a [good thing]

When 'the elders' beam upon you

Shaabaash beta, follow

In the path we cleared for you

You know what will be the outcome, for
Each step you take you make our rut
Deeper and deeper

A convenient chasm for other goodgirls

Like you to fall into

But we approve, we are happy.

We, not you.

We will dress you up in the best our money
and social status
can afford. The outfit, the jewels, the
brand-new Mercedes. Anything
your heart desires, except

Him, or That, or Them.

We approve, we are happy

Happy to look past your vacant eyes
Pleased to clasp diamonds around your wrist
And onto your fingers as a reward-

Good girl, say Yes and here are your sparkly
toys. Be Blinded, there’s a sweetheart.


It isn’t so bad, that’s what everyone says
I wonder how you can bear to juxtapose
The words with the event. ‘So bad’
is not good enough for a lifetime.

Mina at 11:07 AM