Sunday, August 29, 2004

today the most wonderous thing in the world happened. i will never, ever forget. family dinner at our house today, the entire posse was over and after dessert us cousins were all sitting around and laughing our butts off as we are wont to do when together....and sara apa put one of my hands on her belly, and left it there. i was in the middle of a sentence, and promptly forgot what i was saying, along with everything else inside my head. i waited, quivering with excitement and awe and anticipation, and after a while....i felt a nudge, right under my hand. a stretching of a limb, pushing through fluid and skin, just enough for me to feel it. and right there, in that one instant, i fell in love. we all have been waiting for this baby, getting excited for it, making plans, but today i realised just how big a deal it all is. i know babies are miracles, i have always believed that....but today was one of the sweetest moments in my life, one perfect moment of complete wonder...and my heart belongs to this child, irrevocably; this unseen little one growing under sara apa's skin, reaching out to touch the rest of us even before he or she breathes for the first time. i felt a baby kick for the first time in my life and the miracle, the breathtaking simplicity of it all...-the wow-ness of it, for lack of a better word- is so heady that i can't even begin to express how beautiful it is, was, will be.

Mina at 2:28 AM