Wednesday, August 04, 2004

on the reappearance of the toolbar
oh yay! finally! i missed having techie buttons and stuff on this 'new post' page; keeping in mind the html for italics and thisthat can be annoying sometimes.

article du jour
bhutta sent me a choice pick from his abundering (from abundance, i just made it up) supply of articles: new translations of the Quran (i abhor the K spelling. makes me wanna run around yelling 'qaaf! qaaf! for the love of God!') that change everything we know right floopy. 'cover your bosoms with a veil' becomes 'buckle your belt around your hips' for le femmes, and martyrs don't get 72 vestal virgins (vestal....matlab banyan pehn ke phirti hongi, that's the image i get), but white grapes! HAHAHAHHAHAHAH! 'hur' goes from lana lang to white grapes! this is just funny!!! i don't think i approve of this new Quran-in-Aramaic development- i mean, buckle your belt around your hips? what's next, 'wear low-rise pants only'? Islamic feminists are thrilled. obviously they don't know quite much about their religion. i don't either, but from what i do, it really isn't too bad a deal for both sexes. in fact, i feel a little sorry for the men.

today's point-to-be-made
the focal point of today blog approacheth: the Christian issue. people in Pakistan treat Christians like they were Untouchables (no 'fense to any Untouchables). today i was getting lunch fixed for a Christian woman who was at my house and obviously i was using the regular plates and everything. my cook inquired (don't know why, apparently you can tell if a person's Christian or not) if Razia was Christian or not and i said yup she is! and happily went on scoopig biryani into the plate i was holding. 'are you going to use that plate?!' comes the shocked answer. err. yes? Christians are humans too, you know! which is precisely what i told the cook (also inquired as to her mental health in a very sweetly polite manner) and went off to feed a hungry woman. but i'm thinking- nobody thinks Hindus are unclean or 'other people' (no 'fense to the one Hindu reader i know i have and any others i am unaware of). nobody gives them food on separate dishes like some kind of racist kosher when they come to visit. and they're the proverbial idolaters. i mean, if you have to make a fuss about religion, make a fuss about the ones who don't believe in the same prophets you do. it's mind-boggling, how can you think like that? why does believing in something that you don't have to become the reason for your maginalization? i love Razia, she's such an incredibly good woman, probably gooder than a lot of Mussalmans. people wondered if Mother Teresa would go to heaven after she died- "Isaai thi". Hindus and Buddhists and Parsis tak to baat hi nahien jaati. what kind of stupid rubbish is that? if you did good things you will go to heaven, it's pretty simple, and just because you were born a certain religion doesn't give you the right to feel superior to anyone. separate plate indeed. hmpf.

Mina at 3:25 PM