Sunday, July 04, 2004

This is something I remember. And wanted to share a long time ago, before a bit of personal pissy got in the way ;)

Years ago, when I was eleven, I went to a birthday party with my cousin. The said birthday-party girl had a really big swing in her lawn. One of those swings that are like a park bench on a chain. So I decided, swing-lover that I have always been, to have a go on it. Our hostess provided the push and off I went. And I was soaring through the twilight, dusky blue of evening, flying higher and higher. Kids were going inside to eat cake and jello, but Mimi and I stayed out in the lengthening dark, pushing and flying, pushing and flying. She didn't ask for a turn, I didn't hop off to eat cake when the swing got too high. It’s a memory I don’t think I’ll be forgetting- the freedom, the wind in my face, the swing creaking, the thumping of my heart. And I couldn’t help but cry out- ‘this is it!’

And it was. When I got that contract, when I got that article in the mail, the Newsline one, that is exactly what my heart said to me. This is it. And it's simple, it's easy, it's the one thing that makes you happy and frustrated and fulfilled and never satisfied. It's your craft. The one thing you were born to do, the one thing nobody else could do the way you do it. Where your judgment is the way taken, your suggestions considered seriously, your opinion sought because you know your stuff, and you know it best.

It's like taking flight, one summer evening, where all the answers are there in the wind and wood of a swing, in the images flickering across a screen, in the feel of a pen in your fingers. Welcome to the club, Director Sahib. *smile*

Mina at 8:57 AM