Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Things Mina Saw This Week

blood on the road from an accident, for the first time, a shiny slick rectangle birthed from someone’s veins and arteries

the girlish old lady at gymkhana feel pretty in her ribboned braids

how magical a back can look in the light of the afternoon, filtered through the chiks

wide, haunted eyes in someone’s suddenly old face

an intact, albeit dead, bumblebee on the road outside the architect’s office, like a mummy- intricate, completely whole, hollow and light as the breath i blew to flip it over onto its feet

that my spider-sense is still pretty spot-on

that she is falling for him because she clapped her feet, and i know that laugh of hers

‘will and grace’, after a long time ;)

Mina at 6:05 PM