Friday, July 09, 2004

i went to the zoo today and saw the tigers and the monkeys and the lone croc and snakes and the bears and the lions and the not-pink flamingoes and the old ducks and the geese and a black swan and a rhinoceros and an elephant and a hippopotamus and the tigers but i've already said tigers okay haan and i scared three little kids from the rhino then i went to get posters then i had a mango milkshake from chaman then i sniffed the hugo boss man that was in the dashboard which is a very yummy thing to smell then i sung youre just too good to be true with a hairbrush mic then i ate koftay at home with ali and drank berry tang and ate some more mangoes and then i went online and wrote this uh huh guess who had a fun fun day

Mina at 10:14 PM