Monday, June 14, 2004

mina’s list of some things she will never forget

the sound of the phone ringing on the morning of 30 november, 1995

2 september, 2003

my eighteenth birthday surprise party

‘idhar dekh!’

the sound of nani laughing at the banana joke

the stars that night in gharyal

the silence that followed the first time i read ‘sonnet 17’ in public

park days

the first poem i ever wrote

that sunrise

the day ayesha and i 'stole' the white truck and drove it to the store

white silence inside your mind

the isloo trip :D

the first time i saw 'starry night'

the oxygen tanks and empty bed in sameera's drawing room

ahmed's carseat dance


blue park

goldie's houdini act at age eight weeks

rahat bakery icecream, every 14 august with nana

Mina at 9:09 PM