Thursday, June 10, 2004

i am irate.

my stomach aches, i'm so tired i'm cussing liberally and my hair is drooping in sad curls and i probably look like i'm chewing lemons. achi baat hai. so so cranky. ayesha and i went to the rec room and made a u-turn 'cause it was full of couples sitting in each other's laps...usually eik do regulars hotey hain, today there was a whole frickin' football team of them. uff. yay for your hormonal nirvana but disperse or whatever. baaaiiiin-son. phir pdc which was dingy and stupider than the rec room. the pdc is tediously akin to a prison cafeteria i am thinking. the only ray of hope in this entire stew of diahorrea-variety goo is gule and ayesha across the lab, laughing their heads off and tormenting ali with extremely fruity funnies. which i am summoned across the room to be told in complete fruity fanfare.

i feel my mood improving. time to be bought a lemonade.

Mina at 4:01 PM