Thursday, January 08, 2004

i have seen sunsets
that stained sky and sea
rose. silhouette of palm
against a backdrop of cloud touched
by a sacred hand into gold, sky
kissed into flushed content.
birds have flown in arcing
cicles of lengthening awe
and wonder has risen, cloud-like,
from bent branch and softly
lapping water; from breath
of wind and beat of pulse
i have heard secrets
of mystery and loneliness
in the clean wing cleaving
through air, in the
silent breath of life reduced
to shadow,
in the darkening earth, slowly
turning its face away
from the embering flame of the

i have died with the light
and been reborn with the dawn;
never completely whole again,
never the same- but
illuminated in another life.

Mina at 9:02 AM