Monday, October 13, 2003

i haven't blogged anything for a long time. i won't say i had nothing to say because i did/do. i won't call it writer's block because there is a vague spectre of something lurking around on the edges of my mind; there are ideas there that require summoning, true, but there isn't a hole in their space.i think it'd be akin to a severance of the link between thought and articulation that is making me so edgy. thoughts are capering across my thought-spectrum; cheekily thumbing their noses. there are rents in the butterfly net i use to catch them so they slip through and flutter away, so i cross my arms and stare up at their flashing, sparkly wings and glower at them. which translates into me spending the weekend stalking around belligerently on my aching, maimed feet (damned hyper-fashionable chinese torture high heels that looked so good nohow), curling my pink sparkly toes (it never ceases to amaze me, the dichotomy between appearance and internal workings) and drinking coke straight from the bottle in the small triangular gap between behind the gadda and the desk in beeni's room. i like the way i can fit my body into small spaces; it is a kind of physical translation of the within. also probably a freudian womb-security thing, or just that contorting your body into small packages makes your muscles feel good. abbay kya bhai, sarhney do na araam se, just please lurk in the background so you can pop back into the picture once its over and i will be smiley again (i always bounce back shiny and large as life). lassoing clouds is a tricky job. :)) (see, its getting fixed-er by the word)

Mina at 9:41 AM