Saturday, July 19, 2003

1 a.m, a pen and me

I am writing by moonlight, in
The replacement-for-fireflies light of
My cell phone.

Writing in the moonlight,
Trying to be silent- my pen
One with the crickets chirping under my consciousness;
Dotting I’s and crossing T’s in time with
the Sinatra in my ears.

I write in moonlight
That touches my toes
Casts shadows under the bed, washes
The daytime into a sheet of silver
And charcoal.

Light to write sonnets in; silver to cast into
Sheets to lie under-
Light to kiss the leaves that whisper beneath
My window, dancing with the night breeze.

I write in moonlight.
Feathers of fancy brush
The cheek of my mind. I feel
Deliciously wanton, playing truant like this-
Awake with myself, awake when the world around me
Breathes slumber and sandman; I have resisted his lure
To be here- my music, my night;
A night to dance with the fairies
Barefoot in the grass
To wear the dew on my eyelashes,
The zephyr of the wind in my hair-

I write, I write by moonlight.

Mina at 1:12 PM