Thursday, May 08, 2003

My shot at the dramatic monologue :) Written 2001.


I have resolved to resist
You and your tempting bulk.
There you sit; silent and complacent
Waiting for me to give in but
No sir, I shall not.

I will close my eyes- like so,
And sit far, far away from you- like so,
And pretend you do not exist.
That way I will be able to
Forget the temptation of grabbing you
Running my fingers down your spine
Burying my nose in your scent
And reading you from cover to cover
In one sitting.

I slide a glance at you from the corner of my eye
I hesitate-
And make a flying leap across
The room
Where you wait in your
2,000 page arrogance.

* Pleb note : Ate is the Greek muse/goddess of temptation

Mina at 2:50 PM