Friday, May 09, 2003

October 2001

the flame of the spirit will forever remain,
triumphant, rising
from the depths of your world's mundaneity, a place where the flowers will never
bloom and springtime will never touch,
a world where it is winter forever.
you sent the ship of fools away
you ran
you hid from truth, from the fire
that kindles the dormant soul.
from the dregs of your conformity
shall always arise
the laughter of the one who has seen the joy
of the light
that the shadows of you philistines' little mind
will never darken.
you will remain in your cocoon
of the world,
of a society you'd spit on
if you had the courgae,
while the 'fools' will smile in their secret amusement
at you, who labels their genius madness
because his truth makes you afraid
because your soul will forever be barren
and his will sing the song of life.

Mina at 8:13 AM