Monday, April 21, 2003

April 2003

Days of thunder rumble
A song
Through the canvas backdrop of my sight
Unrolling a new adventure at every fold-
Fold, re-fold
And fold again
The same tucking-in-

It’s almost too easy.

Too easy, too easy, it knocks a staccato
Drumming itself into a groove becoming smoother
By use.
I keep looking at the ground for a pitfall,
A crater, an open manhole
For me to fall in;
A struggle, a conquest, a dragon to slay,
Minefield to pussy-foot over.

There isn’t any.

The carpet doesn’t have bumps
Underneath its cosy frayed red fuzziness to stumble over.
Where’s the test? Where’s the epiphany? Where
is the blinding flash of mygodthisisit? I keep on looking.
It eludes; flick of spangled cloth around a corner, fading echo of anklet,
Last glimpse of fingers trailing down the curve of banister.

Silverfish, come to me with your sun and shadow,
Rainbow light of magic dust, showers of gold rain-
Memory-blotting, sense-conquering, breathless, insane
Madness of a single purpose.

Mina at 9:16 AM