Thursday, April 17, 2003

'Should' and 'Ought' words piss me off. Why do we feel obliged to do things we don't want to? Guilt is a stupid thing. People are ignorant and people talk whether you're a saint or not, so why do we waste our time being 'good' when it really doesn't matter much? Why can't we get the most out of our lives and throw societal stereotypes and myopia out of the window? Why can't we say 'this is me, take it or leave it' and still be taken seriously? In the end, we aren't good because we're supposed to be; we're good because we don't get away with being bad, or because it feels right. 'Ought to be' doesn't figure anywhere. Why do we have to let ourselves be turned into MacNiece's 'automatons'? I will have my loony-goony dances, I will have my mumble-gumble songs and I will thumb my nose at whoever has a problem with that. Take your jealous longings and scram.
If I'm to be called insane, I will mighty well enjoy it.

Mina at 8:31 AM