Wednesday, April 16, 2003

impulse, im’puls, n.[L.impulsus, from impello, impulsum, to drive on. IMPEL.] Force communicated suddenly; motion produced by suddenly communicated force, influence acting on the mind suddenly or unexpectedly; a force of infinitely large magnitude acting for an infinitely short time so as to produce a finite change of momentum. -- impulsion, im*pul’shon, n.[L. impulsion, impulsionis.] The act of impelling or state of being impelled; instigational impulse. -- impulsive, im*pul’siv, a. [Fr. impulsif.] Having the power of impelling; impellant; under the sway of one’s emotions. – impulsively, im*pul’siv*li, adv. In an impulsive manner. -- impulsiveness, im*pul’siv*nes, n.

Mina at 7:35 AM