Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I have become quite a champion machar-swatter.
They come to sit on my arms and feet and temples and gnaw away at my skin and conveniently, drunkenly, weave their way off into the air leaving me with pink welts that itch enough for me to scratch myself raw if I let myself.
Interesting how life can sometimes- most times- be like that. You watch things happen, react controlledly- sometimes the opposite- and get on with it. Sometimes you hit back.
Best thing: sit in the grass and laugh at it, float downstream with it on your back, watching the clouds and listening to the way the water splashes against your ears, making everything you hear sound funny.

I can't wait to start swimming again. And in the morning, I will sing 'The Three Jews Came From Jerusalem' for Ayesha and Gule. *grin*

Mina at 10:25 PM