Saturday, April 05, 2003

Fati's getting married. Fati Khalid; best friend of little-girlhood. Buddy who climbed trees and jungle gyms with me; swung fearlessly high, arcing up impossibly to touch the branches of the trees that grew around the swing sets. Sidekick on equal footing, spunky as hell, taking it upon herself to defend me from other nasty little girls (although I could manage quite well anyhow), always standing by my side thumbing her nose at the world- which included any old principal or teacher. Fati, who has never been afraid of anyone or anything in her life, is getting married! Memories of the adventures we had keep running through the back of my mind, I feel overwhelmingly nostalgic as I watch her grin at friends, completely relaxed, looking beautiful in her gharara, talking to her husband, waggle her eyebrows when I pull a funny face at her. Good old Fati Khalid; now you belong to one more person; I hope you'll always be happy, and all your dreams come true. I told your husband he's a lucky man- clever boy, he agreed :)

Mina at 6:15 PM