Friday, March 28, 2003

Yesterday the U.S bombed civilians, on the outskirts of Baghdad.
Ethics class day before discussed whether people are equal, and hence similar; or different, and thus not equal. It's a strange condition. We all run to the window at the first patter of rain after a long, dry, HOT summer. We all coo at babies.We all yell bad words at cricketers and people who don't flash their indicators before abruptly turning left. At the same time, we react differently to things. I wear red, all my girl friends love it. My guy friends run for their sunglasses. I have issues with cheating,or running red lights; other people hide booty in their knickers and whiz away with no great moral qualms. I'm not trying to be preachy, or sententious.I just want to know one thing: aren't every one of the 5 million people in Baghdad human beings? What happened to the Rights of Man, or all the rubbish the U.N churns out about equality, of basic human rights? Turning this war into another episode of reality T.V will not detract from the fact that these are people; people with lives, loves, families and hopes- not just Iraqis, but also the soldiers, the men and women being sent into battle whether they agree with their superiors or not. The CIA creates monsters it can't handle, how is that the fault of millions of innocent civilians, trying to rebuild their lives every time you feel afraid? Saddam, bin Laden, even Aimal Kasi. It's easy, isn't it? ' With great power comes great responsibility'. Even a cruddy Spiderman movie has more sense than Mr. Monkey President.

Mina at 8:05 AM