Monday, March 31, 2003

I went to a peace rally yesterday. My arms ache, I got red paint on me, was temporarily gassed pungent orange-haired lady in a winter silk suit, had to wade through a squelchy marsh born of Liberty ka parking lot grass and gutter goo and stand at Hussain Chowk for ten minutes with a bigass anti-capitalism sign, but it was worth every second. I feel good. Actively doing something makes you feel a little less helpless.
We need to boycott U.S and foreign goods. Capitalism is what is feeding this war, supporting Israel- and the Third World is the world's biggest market. I don't want to sound like an Islami militant when I speak of Israel, but enough is enough. I'm fed up. I refuse to be exploited like this, to have my country's potential crushed and then be rained bombs upon because by buying their goods I'm helping some other country to bully the world just because nobody can stop it. I have more pride than that, I can live very well without Coke and KFC, thank you very much. What do you take me for, some hapless fool who doesn't know what's good for her? Nobody gives a flying rat's ass about us in the Third World, we're just there to be fed rejected medicines and gassed by their factories' effluents, and made truckloads of money upon. Are we so weak and stupid that we can't survive without Sprite? Are we so completely brain-washed that we act worse than sheep and never notice?
This is my nose-thumbing, my finger-flashing. If you think you're so smart and powerful, then you have another thing coming.

Mina at 8:02 AM