Friday, December 10, 2010

sorry, after seven months what i'm coming out with is a rant but it keeps bothering me so i'm putting it to the poll, so to speak.

what do you call people who come to your house, eat your excellent food and drink your husband's booze and scrape up the tiramisu and never invite you to dinner? i don't host dinners and things for reciprocity- S and i genuinely enjoy getting people together and serving a fabulous meal and play jazz in the background and have fairy lights on the terrace, but what keeps bothering me is the lack of any reciprocity. i can safely say we're not boring or obnoxious or utterly vapid or have BO issues. S says i should forget it but you know what, i don't think i can. it just feels WRONG. and rude. and i don't think i'm being super-sensitive. or maybe we just 'socialize' with the wrong people.

Mina at 6:18 PM