Monday, May 04, 2009

amma and K are sitting on the terrace in the rainy breeze. amma is describing the trees and flowers to her, and she's wagging her arms around and grinning- and listening, and coincidentally looking in the right direction too :)

it doesn't take a village to raise a baby- the village WANTS TO! everyone! from the crusty guard to the grannies. the cook to the gardener, your mother's friends and friend's mothers wants to either a) give you advice b) show you how to do it or c) come and visit you (or you visit them). sometimes this is cute, and fun. sometimes you want to snatch your baby, yell "colic isn't nazar or the result of my eating aaloo!" and stomp away to the nursery. these days my grandmother is on the nazar tangent- K cries because she's nazarfied (not true), hence i must apply to the resident saint in S's family for a remedy (i haven't, i parho the anti-nazar things myself). before it was colic = mina eating anything that isn't boiled, and every time i would pass her door dadi would shake her finger at me and say, in a doomsday voice, "boti nahien khaani!". i grin and bear it, because she loves us both, but don't you touch my botis.

haha, K is asleep.

Mina at 4:48 PM