Monday, April 06, 2009

people say K looks like me: although this pleases me no end, i know this is not really true because she looks like S- S's dad, to be accurate. genes are mystifyingly interesting, and if i didn't see K be born i would wonder where she came from with her heart-shaped face, straight flared eyelashes, precise chin and rosebud mouth. maybe she'll be like me andar sae? haha! it's such fun to anticipate all the surprises in store for us :) so far K likes to be outside, going for a walk, being danced with and having her diaper changed (this is her number one delight in life)...but the best part about a baby is when you feed them and put them on your shoulder for a burp, and they snuggle their head and face into your neck and fall asleep, and you can feel their taiz-taiz breath on your skin. i would have a million babies just to be able to have that moment again and again. also, you can squoosh her because she belongs to you- and K doesn't mind either :)

this is K at four and a half weeks.
(she has a bit of an allergic rash on her face here)
(her eyes are still slatey grey, brown is very slowly creeping in)

Mina at 10:55 AM