Saturday, January 24, 2009

there is no other phrase to replace the vomitous 'coming-of-age'. what am i supposed to do? how can you review a book that is all about adolescent discovery of hormones and cross-class friendship without saying 'coming-of-age'? i will try my best to keep out of the clutches of this most treacherous of cliches.

this week's Thing of Idiocy has got not one, but TWO items under it's belt! for your head-shaking pleasure, i present Number One (the coarser-minded readers of gorpy will be pleased to know that i am thinking the precise same thing, and also sniggering a little)

1. mobilink has got a new do-gooder campaign, presumably to disguise the fact that their billing system is execrable. you donate your old/discarded handsets to them so that they can.....give them to the pakistan society for the deaf.  my cousin-in-law M says it's probably so they can text people.

Number Two (hyuk hyuk)
2. aforementioned cousin-in-law was channel-surfing during obama's inauguration ceremony and came across a local news channel that was broadcasting it, sans commentary or analysis. the only thing they had playing was kaala shyah kaala, mera kaala hai dildaar te goreyan nu paraan karo. gott promiss.

Mina at 1:37 PM