Saturday, December 20, 2008

eishi's gone. it feels a bit strange because like we were saying to each other yesterday, neither of us went away to study or anything extended like that, so we've never really lived in another place since we've known each other. obviously i'm thrilled for her, but feeling funny for me. i will still wave at her house when i pass it, strange. what do you say in a goodbye phone call that can possibly encapsulate years of Everything? you just say 'i love you' and 'khush raho' and then laugh at each other because you've still got those cargo pants and she's still got your nigel slater and the dent in the cookbook is her fault but you don't mind and now she'll be more than a phone call away and so busy and happy- and so are you- that it won't be so bad, but when it rains who will you text to say 'yayyy'?

Mina at 4:49 PM