Sunday, August 24, 2008

so after being caught in the throes of a most violent bout of food poisoning- still not really recovered, my stomach is still making creaky-door sounds and pretty much behaving like a washing machine, i am eating my miserable little khichri bowl with a spoon (supreme comfort food would replace the khichri with matar-chawal and only the aalus from a splendid aalu-gosht but such is gastric distress) and come across the last word talking about it's latest offering, which is supposed to be stupendous and amazing and all other Good Things, but''s called


yes. the butt. i don't know of what yet: of a joke? of a person? a cow? of society's never ending pseudo-intellectual ambition to be seen as intelligent and exotic and interesting, which really translates into putting up a thousand facebook photographs of you on a street in a place not-pakistan?  uhh. it's by will self and i'm sure it's probably much better than i think, but it's called THE BUTT dude. i insist on being facetious.



Mina at 10:19 PM