Monday, May 26, 2008

Look out for this flier!
Stellar's Summer of Fun Programme is set to begin on the 16 of July 2008
Activities include karate, yoga, spoken Mandarin and Arabic classes
dance, dramatics and singing
Summer should be FUN, not boring and horrible
and holiday homeworky- so Stellar is more than happy to oblige :)
Hit the website for more details!
Have a Stellar Summer!

Mina at 12:14 PM


Sunday, May 18, 2008

aaaaarghhh where are the PARTIIESSSS?!!?!?

and WEDDINGS don't count!!!

Mina at 1:56 PM


Monday, May 12, 2008

mehreen is a mystery. she
is like a folded paper, a letter
one does not pry into to be

yet can see some of the writing,
because the paper is fragile
and one's gaze intent. mehreen

is like a glass bird with
strong dark feathers,
flier of a single arrow

but finds her way home.

pome for a loved one

Mina at 3:36 PM


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My sister is very cool. She writes awesome. I miss female company my age. Everyone is out riding trains and making films and reading Nabokov and going to Paris whilst I am here, teaching poetry and Macbeth, running a new school and directing plays to sufficient acclaim (and one standing ovation). Why do we always think we’re lame in comparison to other people when on one’s own one isn’t half badly off? Duffer Gorpy.

S convinced me into sleeping downstairs last night because the light keeps going off and it’s cooler downstairs. ‘Downstairs’ means his old room- with the single bed. So I abandoned my island of a bed (7 feet by 7 feet is no titchy thing) and, pillow in tow, gamely went down to the single bed. ‘It’ll be cosy!” sang S gaily. Cosy is fine for rabbits. Squashed flat was more of what actually happened, because I chose to sleep on the open side of the bed and made S sleep next to the wall- and between S’s phone ringing across the room, numerous water-drinkings and one loo trip, I was thoroughly S-rollered. Hahaha! S rollered! My pancake foot begs to differ.

Stellar is having a faabullouuuussss summer school! Yay! It’s the kind of summer school I would have gone to if it had existed- languages, dramatics, singing, sports, you name it. It’s awesome. I love the books we’ve got for the kids too- they’re so colourful and creative! Mrs. H was laughing at me as I cooed and exclaimed at them- ‘I think you should go sit in Playgroup too’. I said I would, too!

Mina at 3:14 PM


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

bilal is a paper cup on a hot
sidewalk with popcorn
that is crunchy. we sear

our bottoms gently and toss
some kernels to the ants, and
speak of the kind of things

that in their smallness and
infinite mystery are so much
more compelling

than the largeness of trees
or the people passing by.
bilal has faiz, i have myself

and we write little stories
on the air.

summer evenings at lums

Mina at 12:38 PM