Friday, February 29, 2008

today i went to al-fatah to get my mahiney ka sauda without amma!! so after a hurried conversation to the effect of

me: do kilo cheeni ke chaar? chaar zyada hai i think
amma: do.
me: and chawal, should i get four? s eats a lot of chawal, i should get four not two two kum hoga
amma: get four.
me: haan and duss kilo wala aata, or is it fifteen?
amma: duss beti duss!

i put on my nice sweater (because you always bump into someone at al-fatah and one of the two is always looking like they rolled out of bed and you don't want it to be you, particularly now that you're a Married Woman and have lots of Nice Clothes and have no excuse for looking like an asshole) and fluffed out my fringe (that always goes half-pichkaoed when i sleep) and tripped off to get my own loot. the al-fatah oldies were delighted- from the pathan guard who dispenses trolleys and always makes sure i don't get a wobbly-wheeled one to billa and his topi-wala sidekick and farid the opaaan was fabulous:) i made a list like a true sauda nerd and went trawling down the aisles taking forever and loving you realise how MANY kinds of shampoo there are?!? and best of all, buying all that ridiculous, too-expensive, entirely unecessary junk that amma wouldn't always buy but you promised yourself you would when you grew up- cadbury chocolate chip cookies and exotic iced teas and planters nuts and olive oil with all kinds of strange and interesting things floating in it. wheeee! also interesting? figuring out what kind of shampoo i could get away with foisting on S (something fruity and pyari-botul wala), and remembering to get more strawberry icecream and buying toothpaste and feeling very cosy and domestic. now S will brush teeth with MY marzi toothpaste, not his marzi. hehe. i'm such a silly old coot :) and phenyl DOES come in a tin, not just a plastic bottle. don't believe the guy skulking in the aisle.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

i'm so pleased- i've emerged from voting day with my very first blue thumb with kaala kaata! i'd never voted before, and despite everyone saying that these elections are going to be rigged like nobody's business i feel hopeful. hope is good. maybe i'm on a democracy high, despite standing in line for forty minutes in front of an old crone who kept putting her hand on my waist or back and eventually butt for support.

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