Monday, January 21, 2008

Gorpy's Great Snow-Bunny Adventure Part 1: There Is A Palm Tree Inside!

S and I are on A Trip. He has to work, and I'm tagging along blithely in a self-indulgent Jackie O manner with my big makhi glasses and lovely new jeans that make my bum look like a toned bakery product. Or two. I haven't been to Dubai in years, so this posh airport is new again. There are gold twisty things clustered around all the really high pillars like spun sugar (only golden and plastic) and lots of glass and chrome suspended thirty feet in the air and the suchlike, but what really amuses me is that there are palm trees inside. And not just spindly little ones but great big whopper ones tra-la-laing all over the place as if emerging from a grey carpet was only natural! I miss Smulli because this Lounge is horrendously cushy and I wish he could stay here on his disgustingly long layovers. An Amreekan just asked me if I spoke English (better than yo' Mama) and then asked me to watch her laptop whilst she went to the loo. Chaaalo jee. I will sip my blueberry and vanilla herbal tea (I'm telling you, this lounge is insane) and keep an eye on her laptop. And maybe purse my mouth a little and pretend that a kaala isweaturr and boots are enough to make me just a little Jackie/Audrey. Until the next wireless! There should be snow soon. The Amreekan's just come back and said thanks very much. Sweet. That was one hell of a quick pee.

Mina at 1:52 PM


Thursday, January 17, 2008

"you are like a rich man/entering heaven through the ear of a raindrop"

polly is singing a line from some mournful marsiya sounding song. he is now growling and clicking. horus is being fretful and squalling. it is raining and i am wearing a striped sweater and will by-and-by eat some lunch and drive to rehearsal in the rain in the mad-ant (i.e what happens to big choontay when you touch them and they begin to run around in a hysterical, disoriented fashion) rain traffic.

"when i am old i shall wear purple/with a red hat that doesn't go"

i am also fermenting a pome, which is a characteristically uncomfortable process :) miyaan is handling it well. haha!

Mina at 12:04 PM


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"the room is full of you"

smoke and cologne, that old-fashioned
amber in a glass bottle
you always use despite
hordes of sleeker bottles

what a use of space, what an expansion of a life
this boy who gets into everything
the man who sprawls across this
new sky

Mina at 12:57 PM