Sunday, December 16, 2007

My friend Arun's father was kidnapped on the seventh. The following is the text of the e-mail he sent me recently. I'm stunned- as one always is when 'these things' happen to people we know as opposed to names in newspapers. What's happening to our country? It's such a schizophrenic situation- anarchy on the one hand, and weddings on the other. Don't know where to look any more.

"I am writing this with deep sadness to tell that my father, a Christian leader and a doctor, along with his driver have been kidnapped on December 7, 2007 by some unknown armed persons while he was coming home to Bannu from Dera Ismail Khan. So far, no news has been heard from his side for about a week. His captors haven't made a demand as of yet but my family is in hopes we would hear good news soon.

This letter is a prayer request, asking all that receive to remember my father in your prayers. My mother's in Bannu and is in pretty much of a vulnerable position herself. Although the local Government has assured us they are doing their best, no progress has been seen to have been formulated. My father is feared to have been taken captive by the Taliban but reports haven't been confirmed as of yet. Please pass this on to as many people as you possibly can so that people come to know of this. The Government is only focusing on the issues of elections in the country at the moment and seem to have forgotten about such important issues. Please pray for our family.

Arun Reginald Zaheeruddin"

Mina at 3:32 PM